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About Us


Valdivia Marketing Group has over 50 years experience in Hispanic Marketing. VMG promotes and books Casinos , Fairs , Hispanic Festivals, Concerts, Dances, and Spanish Rock Events in the Western United States.


Valdivia Marketing Group specializes in Sponsorship Opportunities throughout the Nation branding your Product with its ties in the USA and MEXICO.

Our sponsors have the ability to drive sales, sample products, gather demographic data, and most important INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS. We will develop a Marketing Strategy to fit your business needs and maximize your brand/product exposure.

Our strategies may include:

  • Inclusion in our event radio spots.
  • Complimentary tickets.
  • Logo inclusion on events flyers and posters (over 3,000).
  • Banner spots at arena entrance, walls, and stage.
  • “Van Hit” sent to your company location.
  • Live MC announcements at events/concerts.
  • and much more…

For more info, contact:

David Valdivia


733 W. Spruce Suite 110

Fresno, Ca 93722